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1.  EDIB International are to receive an Executive Summary and a completed Investment/ Finance Form from the client via the website.


2.  Executive Summary is to be no longer than 1-2 pages and NOT a business plan. 


3.  The Executive Summary is to cover but not limited to:


a)  A brief summary on project that is to be financed 

b)  Amount finance/Investment needed 

c)  The term of finance repayment if not investment. 

d)  Outline of how finance will be repaid if not investment. 

e)  Security of finance e.g Bank Guarantee, Sovereign Guarantee, Commodity etc.


4.  Once the Executive Summary and the Investment/Finance Form has been reviewed further information may be requested eg business plan, documentary evidence. 


5.  The client must submit:


a. CIS

b. Executive Summary

c. Proof of funds (if needed)

d. Proof of security.


6.  Your application will be reviewed by our investment committee and based on the outcome an indicative offer will be made. 


7.  EDIB International processing team will forward the indicative offer to you together with our terms and conditions. 


8.  Once the Terms and Conditions are accepted your account with EDIB International will be opened. 


9.  EDIB International will then undergo a process of due diligence.


10.  Due diligence being successful EDIB International will produce a final formal offer contract to you and a copy will be sent to your legal representatives. 



11. Upon the signing and acceptance of this final offer contract funds will then be made available according to the contract terms. 

EDIB International Conact Us

Tel: 0207 030 3336



25 Canada Square,

Canary Wharf,


E14 5LB

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