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EDIB International can assist and support all your project funding needs.


EDIB International has a demonstrated track record of successfully structuring and managing infrastructure projects across a wide spread of sectors. Regardless as to what your project may be, or the location, the EDIB investment team will be on hand to support you.


EDIB International has over fifty years of experience, including but not limited to:


  1. Generation of project finance – equity, debt, trading or product funding.

  2. Facilitation management – consultancy services

  3. Business management & investments


As well as having the support of our administrative and business analysis team, our senior operations team remain the driving force behind our strategic growth plan. This team consists of a group of highly experienced financial engineers and business development associates.


Our financial engineers are often our client's first 'port of call'.  These specialists first review the conceptual ideas for client projects, looking at the general feasibility, market and financial requirements.


Once they have identified project viability, our business development associates are then brought in to create a strategic business case for the project. This business case often includes more detailed feasibility studies, full operations & marketing strategies and full financial profit & loss/cost plans, which are then consolidated into a project report.  


Our financial engineers then become involved again to provide diligent financial generation support following a review of the report.


Whether it is through our own investment division or through our numerous lending partners, EDIB International has the capability to assist and support you.


After having worked for many years within many different business sectors, our Business Development Associates have collated a phenomenal wealth of experience which is now used to help our clients construct and create systems and structures that have transformed many businesses.


The way we see it is 'our client success is our success', which is why it is important for us to go 'above and beyond' the call of duty to provide the 'compass' to guide our clients' businesses in the right direction.


It is imperative for us (at EDIB International) to develop a very close, long-term relationship with all our clients.  Our 'hand holding' policy, along with our strict policy on clarity and transparency in all areas of any project is what has been the key ingredients in our success.


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