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EDIB invests in rural and agricultural development, with focused efforts in developing emerging market countries across the globe. 

Leveraging extensive agronomic expertise, delivers a one stop shop approach for supply chain management. 

EDIB delivers tailor made Agric solutions that transform challenging environmental conditions into economically successful agricultural initiatives including:​





Corn, Corn Starch, 

Bananas etc

Areas of Expertise:

·    Business oriented agricultural development based on market, soil and climatic conditions

·    Rural development and regional/national, irrigation and agricultural master plans

·    Agricultural enterprise management

·    Utilization of modern technologies and practices

·    Integrated agriculture industry enterprises with on-sight value added production

·    Overcoming challenging climate and soil condition - from desert to tropical

·    Marketing assessment

·    Establishment of new agricultural communities

·    Development of advanced irrigation and drainage systems

·    Design and establishment of organic food production unit

·    Establishment of wholesale markets

·    Agricultural service and training centres

·    Post-harvest facilities and logistics solutions


Client Benefits

·    Improved food security and reduced poverty

·    Job creation and enhanced standard of living

·    Introduction of new, diversified crops to a country’ agricultural base

·    Modern, export oriented production

·    Enhanced rural infrastructure

·    Optimize agricultural production

·    Increased competitive advantage

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