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Micro Insurance is a way for everyone to be insured. Providing lower monthly policies due to lower wages ensures an Insurance policy for everyone. From personal to business insurance.


Insure all your customers' needs easier than ever before

We deliver relevant insurance for the diversity of your customers’ needs


RELEVANT PRODUCTS - Create a frictionless user experience through simple insurance products designed for your customers' tailored needs


AUTOMATED PROCESSES - Go live, make sales and process a high volume of claims as quick as you want! Our AI-powered back end ensures we never slow you down


NO QUIBBLES CLAIMS - We pay claims. Our simple products, automated incident predictions and clear claim criteria allow for quick, easy & flexible claims.

Simple & easy to understand insurance products:

  • Relevant to your customers' unique needs

  • No sneaky exclusions

  • No unnecessary add-ons

  • Low-friction opt-in for end users

  • Integrated into your service

  • Use customer data you already have

  • Reach users in-app, or over SMS/Facebook/WhatsApp/e-mail


Simple payment methods that work for your users: 

  • Take payments automatically from users' account, wallet, airtime

  • Support micro-payments in daily/weekly increments

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