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Delivering our clients optimised value from oil & gas assets with integration of new energies.

Responsibly managing the transition to Net Zero creates huge capital planning challenges for oil and gas companies globally whilst ensuring
stable energy supply is available to sustain people’s livelihoods. Fluctuating commodity prices, ageing assets, environmental social and
governance (ESG) commitments, digitalization, and increased regulation are creating opportunities for agile, forward-thinking groups like EDIB to
rethink how they approach capital planning to benefit all stakeholders. 

Values-based decision making in a transparent, data-driven environment is the formula for successful sustainable development.

Petroleum companies must continue to manage the integrity of their ageing assets whilst maximising value by integrating leading technologies to attain Net Zero targets.

EDIB International has secured agreement to manage more than 45 oil blocks in Nigeria containing more than 100 billion barrels of oil in place with
over 180 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of in-place gas. These significant natural resource assets can now be cost effectively produced for the benefit
of all stakeholders by applying cutting-edge technologies to maximise the value of existing infrastructure whilst reducing total carbon output with
integration of green energy solutions to fast-track the global transition to Net Zero carbon emissions. 

EDIB International is applying this same approach to similar natural resource assets around the world for sustainable development to deliver
consistently higher returns for our clients whilst assisting developing countries responsibly develop their economies, thereby enabling people to
live a better life in a healthier sustainable environment.

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